Who needs to obtain a PPCDL?
Anyone who wants to operate a powered pleasure craft or powered yacht in Singapore should be in possession of a PPCDL
How much is the course fee?
$340 for adults, $270 for fulltime students and NSF personnel, $300 for groups of 3 or more.
Where will the course be held?
Please check our website at www.mets1.sg for the dates.
How do I register for the PPCDL course?
You can do it on-line at http://www.mets1.sg/index.php?page=register_online_ppcdl.
How do i get there?
There is a free shuttle bus to MCC from Sengkang MRT station. Pickup is located directly opposite Compass Point and in front of Block 257C.
When will the course be held?
MCC's PPCDL courses are held on weekdays as well as weekeends. Please visit our website at www.mets1.sg for the dates.
What is the duration of the course?
It is a 2-days course which includes both the theory and practical sessions.
How long does it take to get the PPCDL?
On completion of the course, you are required to pass the theory and practical test. The waiting period for the theory test is about 4 weeks, and the waiting period for the practical test is another 4 weeks. So approximately it takes about 8 weeks to obtain the PPCDL license.
Is the PPCDL internationally recognised?
NO, the PPCDL issued by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is not recognised internationally. The MPA also does not recognise boat driving licenses issued elsewhere.
When can I take the medical checkup?
The medical checkup must be done before registering for the test. As long as you are not colour blind and medically fit, you can do the checkup after the PPCDL course. Please bring along the medical report form to the clinic. The medical report form and other required forms can be found on our website in our Forms Download page
Why do i have to bring the medical report form?
SMA (Singapore Maritime Academy) only recognizes the medical report form. Without this form, you are not able to register for the test.
Is the PPDCL course only applicable to those who own a boat/craft or is it also open to people like me who don't own a boat?
To drive a powered pleasure craft you need the PPCDL. Whether you own it or not, if you want to drive it, you must have a PPCDL.
Upon acquiring the license, can one like me rent a boat for cruises around Singapore waters? Is this activity only applicable to well to do people and not to ordinary folks like me?
Anyone with a PPCDL can rent boats. A 6-seater boat can be rented out for as low as $60 an hour.
For the PPDCL license, can it also be used to operate boats such as those similar to the pleasure craft that singapore island cruise operate between the southern island and mainland Singapore?
The PPCDL is strictly for pleasure craft and not commercial craft such as those operated by the island cruise operators.
Is PPCDL applicable to any size of pleasure craft?
Currently there is only 1 class of pleasure boat driving license, and that is the PPCDL. Soon MPA will be implementing an Advance PPCDL for pleasure craft more than 24 meters in length.