Ship Board Crisis Management Courses

The Course is divided into 2 sessions - theory and practical. The theory session will be held in a classroom and the following topics will be run though:

  • Identification of stakeholders in a Marine Crisis
  • Emergency procedures for ship in Singapore for:

    • 1. Collision and grounding
    • 2. Man Overboard
    • 3. Ship Fire
    • 4. Abandon Vessel
    • 5. Pirate Attack
    • 6. Main Engine and Steering Failure

The practical session will be conducted in a full-mission shiphandling simulator. Shipboard crises will be simulated on the simulator of a tanker ship model. While the participants in the bridge of the simulator seriously go through the application of the procedures to manage the crisis that they face, the instructor in another room will "stress up' the participant by generating sequence of events building up to the climax of the crisis and gradually leveling it to normalization of the shipboard situation.