Assessing New Captains / Senior Chief Officers


The Command Assessment Programme (CAP) is designed to assess the leadership competencies that are deemed to be important for effective performance as a shipmaster such as decision-making, management, leadership qualities, culture-building and emotional stability. The CAP is specifically designed to assist companies in assessing the suitability of deck officers for assuming the position of a shipmaster. The shipmaster not only has to be technically competent and possesses superior ship-handling ability, he must also possess leadership and managerial abilities to effectively command his crew in handling the diverse and complex situations on board. Maritime Education and Training Services Pte Ltd (METS) will conduct the CAP in accordance with the methodology that was initially developed by MPA. METS CAP is a program with simulated scenario of shipboard emergencies to test the stress management skills of the deck officer to be assessed..


The 2-day course aims to provide opportunities for the participants to be objectively assessed on not only his technical abilities but also his leadership and managerial abilities to effectively command his crew in challenging situations and emergencies.


CAP is intended for senior Chief Officers whom the shipping companies intend to promote to Captains or experienced Captains who are joining the companies. The preferred class size is 6 participants to yield effective role-playing.


The trainers include a senior master mariner and a organizational psychologist. On completion of the CAP the psychologist will provide the companies with a detailed written report of each candidate. The assessment report is competency-based and reflects an integration of information gathered across three assessment components