Anti-Collision course


In the past 10 years on average per year there has been 350 serious shipping accidents of which 150 are collisions and 48 lead to total losses. Many of them could have been prevented. In most Collisions or Near-Misses, the OOWs seem to know the correct action to take as per COLREGS[H1]. But not knowing the intention of the other vessel, he does not know WHEN to take the appropriate action and HOW MUCH to alter course. Using the TCPA is an effective guide to know WHEN to take the appropriate avoiding action. And how much to a/co would depend on the required CPA limit

The Anti-Collison Course (ACC) is designed to guide the OOWs keeping independent watches in the open sea to properly assess the risk of collision and take appropriate action in good time so as to avoid a near-miss or a collision. Some of the “grey” areas in COLREGS which are confusing or misunderstood by the junior officers will be highlighted. It also covers when and how to effectively use the VHF as a tool to avoid collision


The 1.5 day course aims to highlight the difficulties the OOWS face in assessing a close quarter situation developing; then deciding on the appropriate course of action in accordance with COLREGS; and finally executing it in good time. The simulator exercises are aimed to give them the “real-life” experiences of a near-miss or collision which not many experienced masters may have. The theoretical aspects covered will come to life during the simulator exercises and will be entrenched in the minds of the young OOWs.


ACC is intended for OOWs. The preferred class size is 6 participants to yield effective role-playing.